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About Us

Alekhovschina eco farm is a young eco farm launched in February 2012 and the first one in Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad region to apply the Organic principles in its work. In order to confirm this status we filed documents for Organic standards certification with the Italian Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute (ICEA), a member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), which certifies produce according to the European Union codes and standards.

Alekhovschina is situated 227 km from Saint-Petersburg in the Lodeynopolsky district that is considered to be the most environmentally pure part of the Leningrad region.

We own hundreds of acres of land certified according to the Organic standards and handle our cultivations in an agrochemicals-free natural ecosystem. Interestingly, vegetables cultivated without agrochemicals differ from their supermarket counterparts not only in terms of contents but also in their visual appearance – they are not glazed nor do they look like wax models. Potatoes may look smallish and unsmooth, but it only proves the roots were not induced with fertilizers and pesticides, instead growing in the natural quality environment.

All livestock at our eco farm live in the natural environment where they can pasture freely at the Alekhovschina grazing lands and consume genuine feedstuffs cultivated within our eco farm. We adhere to the responsible livestock farming principles of loose housing and thorough management.

This summer, on fields of "Alyehovshina" we grow up already a second crop of organic potatoes. We received the certificate confirming that our production corresponds to the international Eco-standards.

In addition, this year we plan to collect an environmentally friendly crop: not only potatoes but carrots, beets and cabbage.

And last fall we have built a hen house.

We began our farm with cultivation of chickens, geese and rabbits. We started making the freshest meat and eggs.

And this autumn we also plan to construct a sheep-fold and we start breeding lambs and goats. It will allow to please you with the most useful goat milk, cheese and meat of a lamb.

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By choosing our produce you look after your own health and that of your loved ones as well as contributing to the organic farming restoration. We shall be happy to see you among our clients!

Sincerely yours,

Alekhovschina farm friendly team