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Certificates obtained by products of " Natura Siberica" brand

Natura Siberica is not simply natural cosmetics and not just fine cosmetics on herbs. It is the Russia's first organic cosmetics. And it really works. Quality is confirmed with the European certificate of EKO BIO cosmetics ICEA. And by successful results of monitoring from ECOCERT the cosmetics is given "ORGANIC" status, that means environmentally friendly cosmetics.

Certificatesobtained by products of "WELEDA" brand

On the products of Weleda You can always see the sign BDIH (federal association of industrial and commercial enterprises in Germany, producing medicines, cosmetics and food supplements) "Kontrollierte Natur-Kosmetik" (Controlled Natural Cosmetics). According to this sign buyers are able to distinguish the truly natural cosmetics from the "so-called." The directive "Kontrollierte Natur-Kosmetik" describes standards for Natural production which extend  on production as well as on receiving and processing of raw materials.

The Weleda company made the significant contribution to ensuring quality of natural and organic cosmetics, having taken part in creation of strict independent system of certification.

European non-profit organization NATRUE, has developed the highest standards of certification of natural and organic cosmetics, as well as environmental and ethical approach to its production, was founded in 2007 thanks to Weleda.

Exclusive naturalness  naturalness of all products of Weleda is confirmed by appropriate certificates NATRUE. At the same time cosmetics of WELEDA was highly appreciated by results of testing of the independent German edition of Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights - Öko-Test (Eco-Test).


Certificates obtained by products of ECOVER brand

Production of ECOVER is certified according to the ISO 14001 standard since 2000. ISO 14001 is the international standard establishing requirements for systems of environmental control for documenting of influence of the organization on environment that is confirmed by audit by the external accredited certification bodies.

Certificates obtained by products of "Organic Shop" brand

Cosmetics of this brand is actively supported and consulted scientists from the Institute of Environmental and ethical certification ICEA, as well as cosmetologists from the University of Ferrara (Italy)

Certificates obtained by products of "Corman ORGAN (Y) C" brand

Founded in 1947 on the basis of production of textile medical products the Corman company for 60 years has been successfully developing and selling women's hygiene products made ​​from 100% organic cotton.

Cotton production ORGAN (Y) C is approved by the Italian Association of Gynecologists (AOGOI) and  recommended for women suffering from skin allergic reactions.

Quality and safety of Corman products are confirmed by authoritative international certification ICEA, Soil Association, COTTON INCORPORATED.