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How to choose organic foods? Consultation with a specialist in eco-products.

Today’s topic of the program: How to choose organic foods?

What is organic food? How to determine the quality of the product in the store? Is it possible to grow organic food on a small farm? What is eco, bio and organic products? About natural products, farms of the Leningrad region, product certification and incorrect labels says the director of the Trading House Ekoferma Alehovshina Eugeniya Zhucheva.


Program theses:

How to choose natural products?

Why farmer products are dangerous?

Bio and  eco products - what is it about?

Euroleaf on products: how to find the quality label on a product?

How does the enterprise receive the international certification?


Eugene Zhucheva, the head of the eco-products company:

"I would divide natural products into two categories. The first is a farm product and the second is a product that has been certified: organic, bio, eco. In Russia there are no clear rules, on what products the manufacturer has the right to put the label of bio, eco, natural and non-GMO. That's why today 50% of the products have signs that buyer does not understand. The buyer is in shock, he did not understand whom to believe. Manufacturer will not suffer if he writes false information - organic, bio, eco, non-GMO. What is a farm product? Grown by a farmer on his land. Such products should be eaten only if you certainly know about the quality of the work on this farm. There are conscientious, responsible farmers who have knowledge, and there are farmers who do not have knowledge. Farmers are not controlled by anyone. Now there are online stores that cooperate with honest farmers. But not all of them check the quality of products. Only a few act as an inspector, checking the documentation, land, looking, how product is grown and where it is stored  and packed. If there are animals, whether there are pastures than feed them and how they live. This online store you can trust.

Natural product usually is a seasonal product. There is a special labeling of products that have passed the international certification – a black or green euro leaf and the manufacturer's code of the product below. This means that the product has obtained an organic certificate. What a buyer can do? He goes home, searches the web-page, and enters a code of certified operator. And here is detailed information. A number of companies in the Leningrad Region, Moscow Region and Krasnodar Territory have obtained these certificates with euro leaf.” 

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