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Why to buy organic meat?

Supporting farms which care of environment and choose "ethic" standards of raising of animals, you thereby support enterprises which pollute air and water much less. It's really a choice in favor of healthy food, and contribution to the purity of the environment that surrounds us.

You Buy Organic Foods, Do You Buy Organic Products?

We talk a lot about organic foods, I want to talk about something a little different - organic products, and my experience with them so far.

What are pesticides, nitrates and nitrites and why are they harmful?!


It is not easy to grow a good crop:pests attack,  vegetables suffer from drought and heat, and it is a great problem to store fruits. Today producers widely use pesticides for their purposes, as well as generously "feed up" soil with nitrate fertilizers. Whether these substances are dangerous to humans, and how to determine their existence in fruits and vegetables?

Organic products - fashion or necessity?

Phrase "organic production "is not so long a household name. Is it a fashionable tendency or a need dictated by the current day? Why people more often choose organic food?

Glory to eggs!

We could not ignore such a product like eggs. Boiled eggs or prepared quick fried eggs are integral parts of a modern breakfast. Eggs are quickly prepared, relatively affordable at a price product that is always presented on the shelves of stores. At all times eggs have been considered an extremely useful and indispensable product. Unfortunately, despite it, recently numerous dietitians, in fight for healthy nutrition, started exaggerating a question of advantage and harm of eggs that caused appearance of supporters of negative influence of eggs on an organism. How the situation actually is? How justified is the refusal from eggs, are they useful or harmful? Now is the time to talk about it.

Traditional medicine recipes for the common cold

Cowberries, cranberries, currants, elderberries and raspberries are the well-known folk remedies for the common cold. They stimulate the antibody response and comprise anti-inflammatory substances that help cure the cold effectively.